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How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200?

Canon Printers are an incredible masterpiece of avant-garde technology and user-centric design. This industry-leading imaging and optical products manufacturer is known for its state-of-the-art printing devices. These robust machines undergo stringent testing parameters to ensure world-class quality and unmatched experience. Still, they are vulnerable to technical failures from time to time. For instance, you may encounter Canon Printer Error B200. 

Understand Canon Printer Error B200

Canon Printer Error B200 is one of the most dreaded issues that its users face at the time of Printing. At times, this problem can render your Printer completely useless. This error indicates high voltage or abnormal temperatures of Printhead. In certain situations, this may mean damaged Printhead or Cartridge Problem. As such, Printer fails to perform its normal functions. 

In short, it is the problem of a faulty Printhead. Your Canon Printer comprises various sophisticated components that work together to give you a hasslefree experience. One of them is Printhead which assists in imprinting Ink on Paper. In other words, it transfers Ink from Cartridges to Paper. 

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Manually Clean The Printhead

➣ Solution 1

  1. Remove the Printhead from your Canon Printer. 
  2. Now, thoroughly wash it at least 3 times. For this, make sure to use hot water. 
  3. While washing, pour water over it continuously for a few minutes. 
  4. Thereafter, shake it to get rid of excess water. 
  5. Then, leave it to dry.
  6. Wait for at least 12 hours.
  7. After that, repeat the same process again. 
  8. In this way, completely eliminate all traces of Ink from the Printhead that is responsible for Canon Printer Error B200. 

➣ Solution 2

  1. Turn On the Canon Printer.
  2. Open its Printer Cover and Paper Feed. As a result, the Printhead will move to the left side.
  3. Now, remove the Cartridges. 
  4. Turn Off the Printer. Then, unplug the same. 
  5. Thereafter, take out the Printhead. 
  6. After that, wash it with hot water just like you did in the first solution. Shake it to eliminate any traces of water/ ink. Then, leave to dry it out.
  7. Rub alcohol and q-tips on Printhead-to-Printer Connectors to properly clean it. 
  8. Then, properly insert the Printhead back to the Printer. 
  9. Along with that, install the Cartridges 
  10. Slide the Printhead to the extreme left.
  11. Close down the Printer Cover. 
  12. Continuously press the Printer’s Power button at least for 5 times until it turns on.

➣ Solution 3

  1. Open your Canon Printer’s Cover. 
  2. Now, carefully remove all the Ink Tanks.
  3. If you look at the sides of Ink Tank Holder, you will find a grey-coloured locking lever. Then, lift it up.
  4. Thereafter, remove the Printhead from its Carriage Unit. 
  5. After that, properly insert it back. Then, lock down the lever. 
  6. Gently put back all the Ink Tanks.
  7. Close down the Printer Cover.
  8. Then, turn off the Printer. Also, unplug it.
  9. Leave it unplugged for about 5-10 minutes.
  10. Restart the Printer to Fix Canon Printer Error B200. 

Clear Off Any Obstructions

Completely remove the Printer from the Power Source. After 10-15 minutes, eliminate Paper Sheets from the Paper Tray. Check the machine and its paper path for any piece of paper or other obstructions. Carefully clear out all obstructions. Thereafter, hook up the Printer to a Power Source. Then, turn it On. 

Additional Steps

  1. Power Cycle The Printer
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall The Printer Drivers
  3. Replace The Ink Cartridges
  4. Replace The Ink Tank Holder

In most of the cases, the above set of troubleshooting steps helps in fixing the Canon Printer Error B200. However, if nothing works. Then, replacing the Printhead is the last option which can be done by professionals alone.

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