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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

This is a comprehensive guide that will help you to fix Canon printer error code 1702. Step by step solution is provided to resolve the error quickly and effectively. 

➣ What is Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

In order to fix an error, it becomes important to understand the error first. Only after a complete understanding of the error and reasons for its occurrence, you can resolve it. Canon Printer Error Code 1702 is linked with ink absorber. When the ink absorber is full, it displays the error code 1702. 

Every printer comes with an ink absorber. This ink absorber takes in the ink while you are performing the printing process or at the time of the print head cleaning process. Over a period of time, the printer calculates the amount of ink absorbed by the ink absorber. Once the ink absorber gets full and is not able to absorb more, your Canon printer will stop printing and inform the users by showing the error message. You will be asked to fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702 to protect your printer from any kind of damage. 

➣ Ways to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702

To experience the hassle-free printing, you must fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702 as soon as it appears. In order to resolve the error, follow the solution provided below. This solution will help to drive away the error and provide you a smooth printing experience.  

Step 1: Continue your Printing by Pressing “Ok”

In case, Canon Printer error code 1702 prompts on your screen when you are in the middle of your printing work. Then, you are recommended to get your printing done and further you should try resolving the error. To continue with your work, you need to press “Ok” from your printer.

Step 2: Resetting the Ink Absorber Of Your Canon Printer

Once you are done with your printing work, you need to reset the waste ink absorber to fix Canon printer error code 1702. You can easily reset the ink absorber by following the process given below.

Note- Before you commence the reset procedure, you have to power off the Canon printer. 

  1. First, you need to press the “Resume” button and hold it for some time. 
  2. Meanwhile, you need to press the “Power” button too. Now, the indicator light of your printer will turn green and become solid.  
  3. Make sure you hold both “Power” and “Resume” buttons simultaneously. 
  4. Now, release the “Resume” button. However, you have to continue holding the “Power” button. Once you leave the “Resume” button, you need to press it two times. By doing so, the green LED will change to an amber colour for a few seconds and again, it will change its color to green. 
  5. After this, you are suggested to release both the buttons. 
  6. Next, you need to go to the “Resume” button again and press it four times. Immediately, just after you are done with pressing the button, you have to press the “Power” button. By doing so, your action of resetting the absorber will get confirmed. 
  7. Finally, you have to turn off your printer. After giving it a rest of a few minutes, you can turn it on and commence your work.

Step 3: Purchase a New In Absorber and Replace the Older One

In case the error persists and you have to fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702, then you will be left with the only option to replace the waste ink absorber of your Canon printer. When the ink pads are done with soaking all the waste ink and are not able to absorb more, then you need to purchase new ink pads and replace the order one. 

You are recommended to make the original purchase from the Canon official store itself. Once you get the new pads, you can seek the expert help to install the new one. This process can be done on your own. However, this is a not-so-easy process to replace them and is quite messy. So, you are suggested to take the professional help for replacing. 

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